PowerPoint to Pdf Converter 3000

PowerPoint to Pdf Converter 3000

A simple tool to convert your PPT, PPTX, and PPTM files into PDF documents
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This is a simple tool to transform your MS PowerPoint presentations into compact PDF documents. These documents can be made up of a set of images that faithfully represent the slides in your PPT file, or they may include only the text used in the presentation. You can convert any PowerPoint file, including the new XML-based files (PPTX) and macro-enabled files (PPTM).

As promised, this straightforward application can batch-convert any number of PowerPoint files into PDF at a more than acceptable speed. However, the output files do not always reach the desired level of quality, and there is very little you can do about it. The exporting settings will only allow you to convert using the default settings or to choose between text-only and image format output. When extracting the text, the program will leave out all the elements of the existing layout and will paste and put together all the text fragments contained in your slides in a text-only PDF document. The resulting text is fully searchable and can be saved in other text formats for further use. When using the “Image Mode”, the program will take a snapshot of every slide in the PowerPoint presentation and will put them all together in a PDF document, one slide per page. This will help you distribute your presentations over the Internet in smaller, more compact files that nobody can modify. However, do not expect high-quality images – the compression used is fairly high, so pixelation frequently occurs. For further protection, you are allowed to attach owner and user passwords to your PDF output, as well as a customized watermark using an image, a string of text, or both.

Finally, the interface is very similar to the one used in many other Head Document Tool Software programs, and though it is well structured and intuitive, it offers you options that do not belong in this application (they deal mainly with Word, RTF, and Excel files). When marked, they will not affect the appearance of the final output, but they can be somehow misleading and confusing at times.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows for batch conversion
  • Supports the new Office 2007 Open XML PowerPoint files
  • Straightforward functionality


  • The quality of the images used to create the PDF files would benefit from improving
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